FAQ - Your questions

How much does a 3D visualization cost in Switzerland?

The cost will depend on the creative development and whether 3D data is already available: for example, from SolidWorks or Inventor. Please contact us for a free estimate.

Is it possible to create 3D product renderings of packaging from Excel data?

Yes, we can render labels, etiquettes and products based on Excel data, including metatags for easy import into product or image databases. We also offer discounted rates, for high volume product renderings, and very fast turnaround times.

How about confidential 3D customer data?

Customer data is always kept confidential; an NDA is signed upon request.

How can I integrate the product renderings into my website?

The 3D renderings can be delivered customized to your specifications. For example you can receive optimized JPEGs for web (including metatags & image SEO), PowerPoint transparent PNGs for beautiful presentations, MP4 or 16-bit TIFF single-image sequences for 3D animations, or 360 product images with 360 spin for webshops.

Do you deliver the 3D animations upload-ready for YOUTUBE and VIMEO?

Yes, in the event you do not have an in-house video technician, the video editing and retouching of the 3D animation is done in DaVinci Resolve and delivered in HD1080 or HD720 upload-ready for Youtube or Vimeo. For integration into your own website, the formats MP4 (Chrome, Safari, Edge) and WebM (Firefox, Opera) are provided.

How fast is the creation and delivery of 3D product renderings?

After creating a basic setup, which takes between 3-14 days, the 3D renderings are usually produced and delivered within 2 days.

Which technologies do you use for 3D visualization? What integration do you offer?

Houdini, Cinema 4D, Zbrush, Substance Designer/Painter, Unreal Engine, Adobe CS, Davinci Resolve, Pano2VR, WordPress