Rendering Of Product CGI

Showcase your products and services, cost effectively! Use 3D product rendering. This is the best way to present your latest products when you don’t have the budget for thousands of products to be photographed.

Visualize your new idea

Complex algorithms create highly convincing simulations of light, shadows and reflections. Completing a product rendering is an intensive process and can take hours – in some cases days – depending upon the size, complexity and resolution of the 3D rendering being created. Whether it is smooth, wood grain or the surface of a display, 3D renderings show every shape and nuance of the products.

3D previews of the product rendering are generated across the entire project. This is done as either per still image or 3D animation. In the case of a 3D product animation, all frame numbers are superimposed to allow for easy referencing in the conversation. Render optimizations are then performed to produce the 3D product rendering as efficiently as possible.

Automation using Excel data

For a large number of images, a fully automated 3D setup is recommended. We can render labels, tags, fill heights and material variations based on Excel data, including metatags for easy import into product or image databases. After importing the Excel data, quality checks are performed on the data (e.g. bracket errors in chemical formulas). Next, the textures (labels) are generated and the 3D product renderings are produced. We can also scale high-volume jobs, accordingly. Ask us about our discounted rates.

Final delivery

You will receive photorealistic 3D product renderings, in high resolution, cropped and transparent with real shading and convincing surfaces along with fast processing of your order. Color corrections and post-processing of the 3D renderings are already included in the 3D setup. This guarantees a fast delivery.