Lighting for 3D product rendering

Having trouble with the reflective surfaces or proper lighting of your product and need professional packshots? Including video option? We can help you show your product in the spotlight and make an excellent first impression on the customer with a 3D product rendering.

Photostudios and real environments

The actual size of the light source determines what type of shading is created. This can also influence the shape of the reflection.
For metal objects, glass, water or other reflective materials, a soft box is used or a realistic environment is imported. This is then reflected in the objects. Photo studio environments are available for this purpose. They have been digitized, specifically, for product rendering.
Therefore, jewelry can be displayed, quickly and realistically, in the most favorable light using 3D. Color adjustments and complicated corrections of the reflections in the object can be made at any time. In reality, this would not be possible – but this is guaranteed dust-free!

Materials and reflections of product rendering

All surfaces produce reflections of varying sizes. Some of these reflections occur only when light from a particular angle group strikes the surface. After we have determined which type of reflection is the correct one, the angle group determines where the light should or should not appear.

When lighting jewelry and watch scenes, the lights should be visible within the reflections.

In 3D product renderings of packaging, the lights and camera are often placed so the structure of the material is in the foreground. Individual highlights are added to accentuate the surfaces.