360 product images: the new trend in e-commerce

Kristian, March 9, 2021

The digital age has given us a meteoric rise in e-commerce and a transformation in the way we shop online. It’s no surprise that new technologies are being developed to help businesses grow. One of the latest trends in e-commerce is 360 degree spin product images.

Why are 360 product images important?

360 product images offer a more immersive experience for the customer, and arguably have more impact on a purchase decision. But are they the future of e-commerce? We have taken a look at the benefits and drawbacks of 360 product images, and the potential future of the technology. Below you will find an example of a 3D product visualization of a watch, which you can spin using the mouse cursor.

What are the benefits of 360 product images?

Retailers are investing heavily in 360 product images to improve online shopping experience. In an increasingly omnichannel retail environment, consumers are demanding a more immersive shopping experience. A common complaint from shoppers is that they can’t tell what the product looks like from the photo. This is often due to the camera angle or the color of the light in the photo. But what if we were able to see the product from all angles? That’s where 360-degree product images come in.

The idea is pretty simple: Create 360-degree images of a product and then view it on a device like a mobile phone or a tablet. You can then spin the product around to see it from all angles. There are drawbacks however, like decreased page load speed because of the additional image data and added complexity to implement the 360 spin feature in e-commerce stores. However, here are a few benefits of including a 360 product image on your online store:

  • It provides an interactive and immersive experience for shoppers
  • It improves the user experience for your site
  • It provides a clearer understanding of the product

And by using 3D rendering for the 360 product images, you can feature your product before it’s even manufactured. That is why a 360 product viewer is a great tool for any company looking to get their product into the market as quickly and efficiently as possible. Paired with 3d product renderings, it lets you go from concept to in-market presentation in a matter of hours.

How to integrate the 360 product images into your website?

It is easy to add your own 360 product images on your website. Simply upload the HTML 360 viewer software and the individual product frames will load in a web browser. You can then easily control how the viewer displays your individual product images, and how users interact with it. Many Content Management Systems like WordPress and E-Commerce solutions like Woocommerce or Magento provide 360 product viewer plugins (i.e. sirv) for easy integration. As a standalone HTML 360 viewer I would like to mention Web360, which can be found at CodeCanyon. This HTML 360 viewer is easy to configure and can be embedded into any website.
Adding product images with 360 spin to your eCommerce website is one of the easiest things you can do to improve its conversion rates and generate more sales. That’s why you should definitely consider adding 360 product images to your website.